Guest Blogger: The best thing since sliced bread…

Coryanne Ettiene Lifestyle Expert & Founder of Housewife Bliss This week our Guest Blogger is Coryanne Ettiene, Lifestyle Expert & Founder of Housewife Bliss and WifeStyle Conference.

As a wife and mother of 3 young children, her inspiration for Housewife Bliss stems from her quest to ensure that her home life is impeccably managed, her family finds comfort in their home, and she is able to balance style, functionality and traditional homemaking with the demands of modern living.

Here she shares her thoughts about bread and storage solutions with Brabantialife.

“In 1924 sliced packaged bread was introduced, within 4 years it became the norm, replacing loafed bread as the family staple.  By the 1930s the convenience of sliced bread made way for spreads and sandwiches, and ultimately a radical increase in bread consumption internationally.

I never understood the frenzy of spreads, sandwiches and breads, always passing them by in the market unless we had plans for a Sunday Breakfast, and even then I would hunt for a half loaf and miniature pots of jam.

However like most things that change when you venture into parenthood, my courtship of sliced bread began when I weaned our first child, and by the time our third child was born, bread had become such a staple of the kitchen that I navigated the bread isle as if on autopilot, adding it to the trolley, knowing that we always needed bread.

Introducing a bread bin to our kitchen seemed ridiculous given how much bread we went through in a day…morning toast and afternoon sandwiches for 3 children does not warrant the need for a bread bin, but our relationship has evolved to the point that it deserved a home, right alongside the biscuits, and tea.children kitchen

However, our bread-bin was always too small and failed to serve its purpose as a proper storage unit…until now.  Our new bread bin, quite frankly, is the greatest thing since sliced bread.  The Brabantia Lift Top Bread Bin houses enough bread between shopping trips to keep it contained in one place, and it is fingerprint proof, which means that I can have it on my counter without looking like it has been manhandled by a million sticky fingers (which quite frankly it has been).

Even with a bread bin, I have to be logical about storing my bread…after all who has time for stale, moldy or dry bread?  Top tips for bread storage:

  1. Avoid storing your freshly baked bread in plastic bags; the plastic locks in moisture and will leave your bread mushy if not moldy. When buying commercial bread, leave it in its original packing inside a bread bin.
  2. It is a myth that bread stays fresher longer in the refrigerator.  It may spoiler slower in the cooler temperatures, but it goes stale faster because the cool air dries it out.  One day in the fridge equals 3 days at room temperature.
  3. Bread is best kept at room temperature, in a dark place, which is why bread bins are so popular. However ensure there is enough room for your bread, storing packed bread in a bin will only crush the bread inside, making it go stale or moldy faster.
  4. When storing fresh baked bread wrap it in a clean tea towel, and then put it in a paper bag inside your bread bin.
  5. Freezing bread is great for humid climates or for when you need to have an emergency loaf on stand-by. Wrap it well in a freezer safe bag and use it within 3 months of purchase. Frozen bread is best defrosted at room temperature, or by wrapping it in aluminum foil and baking on a low temperature until warm and thawed.

Thanks to Guest Blogger Coryanne for the review and top tips too.  Find out more about her projects and views on Twitter and please check out her blog too!

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