Trend Monitor: The Secret to Pop Up Shop Success!

In this week’s trend monitor we’re looking at the rise of the Pop Up shop.  The design, look and feel of Pop Ups are causing quite a stir with the consumer, we love how they allow a brand to create a one off space that engages their customers and generates a feeling of relevance and interactivity. Here’s a few of our favourite right now:

chanel shopSurely no one has done it better than Chanel! Its latest Pop Up in Cannes is a  300 m² unit complete with the opulence you would expect, including golden mosaic-tiled walls, a make-up and nail bar, and an exhibition space for Chanel gowns and suits, together with a private lounge on the first floor with views of the red carpet leading up to the Palais des Festivals.

Prada has also opened a 570 square-meter two story store in Paris for five months with an exterior designed to look like the city’s famous Mirabeau Bridge. Simply stunning.

And there’s only a few days left for all you fashionistas out there to check out Tommy Hilfiger’s beach hut on the cobblestones of Covent Garden’s East Piazza. The Pop Up shop is in town until 16 May to celebrate all things preppy before being shipped off to its next pit stop on the ‘Prep World’ tour… next to the Duomo in Milan. Here’s a video of the launch of the Prep World Tour Pop Up in New York, genius:

Disney’s TRON opened up a futuristic store before its premier showcasing metallic clothing and accessories.  It’s inspired by the safe house seen in the film, and boasts smooth curves and open spaces giving way to a creative use of light that combines natural and artificial lighting to give the shop its modern, digital, feel.

Creative Commons thanks to guwashi999 for the fab Chanel shot!

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