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Colour blocking in six bold translucent colours..Quickpull corkscrew!

When you are thinking about which colour blocking look you will go for today, don’t just limit it to fashion, think about introducing those bright looks into your home too! If you want to be bold and make a statement in your home then check out Brabantia’s Quickpull corkscrew for opening your next bottle of wine, in a range of six new funky colours – Blue, Green, Orange, Purple, Red and Yellow.

This year we have welcomed some of fashion’s biggest, boldest and loudest trends. It’s been a time to stand out from the crowd and the catwalks have hosted a mix of hot pink, tangerine, lemon yellow, jungle green and cobalt blue making eyes pop on the Spring/Summer front row.  So with the warm summer evenings here at last, BBQs on the way and a Royal Wedding street party to prepare for, it’s time to get bold, get stylish and be on trend!

Brabantia Quickpull Green Corkscrew

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Brabantia Quickpull Orange Corkscrew

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Brabantia Quickpull Purple Corkscrew

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The Quickpull corkscrew is suitable for all types of wine bottles and neck sizes, and with its extra wide body and large turning handle, is easy to grip and light to operate. The spiral features a centering ring to ensure it always bores in to the middle of the cork, and with a sharp, non-stick PTFE coated tip, helps prevent the cork from splitting and residue falling into the wine. So… what colour are you going to go for?

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