Guest Blog: “I love that Brabantia have reinvented something which is labour and space saving”

Thanks to guest blogger, super mum and domestic goddess @20somethingmum Claire Curran for this review of our rotary dryers. The 20 Something Mum is Winner of Gurgle’s Best Blog Writer Award and Editor and chief reviewer at The Family Panel site.  Follow her on Twitter here.

20 Something Mum “Clothes – there’s no escaping the fact that we all need to wear them! That means washing is an inevitable part of a Mum’s everyday life. If, like me, you have two (or more) independently minded tots who enjoy changing their outfit 3 times a day, or worse can put on a beautifully laundered item and five minutes later have soiled it again, you’ll know that laundry is not always easy.

If you have a smaller sized garden, it isn’t always possible to have a long washing line, or if you have no garden at all, but have a balcony, it’s not an option at all. I’m also always concerned at the possibility of one of my tots getting caught in a washing line whilst playing in the garden, not to mention their tendency to hide in longer washing and pull it off the line.

rotary dryer

The problem is, if you are stuck and have to put washing on the radiators indoors, it causes a damp smell which is unpleasant. Or chances are you are forced to use a tumble drier, which although quick, due to the rise in energy bills it’s not very purse, or environmentally friendly.

I may be in the minority, but I love the smell of washing when it’s been hung outside to dry, and I may be strange but I think the first sign of the cold and grey winter being over is the sight of billowing sheets and towels on the line in the garden! It’s strangely satisfying knowing that you can hang it out to dry and hopefully the worst of the creases will fall out too!

Click to buy Brabantia WallFixSo, if like me you have lots of washing to get dry, yet lack the space to hang it in the garden, or simply don’t like the washing lines getting in the way, Brabantia have the solution.

rotary washing line

The Rotary washing line may seem outdated and less than stylish, but Brabantia have banished the wonky poles, day glow plastic and loose lines of old, replacing them with space saving wall mounted lines (great for those with tiny gardens as they can be folded away) and stylish, compact chrome rotary lines which can be folded away and covered when not in use.

They’ve considered the negative aspects of the old style rotary lines, and so rather than metal which rusted and became unsightly after one winter, the Brabantia version comes with a rust free guarantee and with chrome accessories.

I also like how sturdy they are despite being light weight – anyone who remembers the lean of the old style ones of our childhood will be pleased that safety is now considered paramount! Easy to install, the upright full size rotary line we tried came with a solid plate, which holds the pole in place with minimum fuss, and when placed deep in the ground, or concreted in, there’s no sign of wobble no matter how much the wind blows around it, or how much washing you load on to dry.

I loved that it could be lowered to the height you needed to peg on the washing, which means no sore arms from over reaching for the highest part, and then its simply raised with minimum effort required. No matter how much washing was pegged on, the lever was easy to pull to push the pole upwards and meant the lines pulled tightly, stopping longer items from dragging on the ground.

I managed to easily fit a whole 11kg wash load on the compact rotary linewe tried. In fact I was quite surprised at how much fitted, I thought I may struggle to find the space, however I fitted more on than I used to peg on my long line. Better yet, because the rotary line is in one place, it doesn’t take up the whole length of the garden.

I love that Brabantia have reinvented something which is labour and space saving, bringing it bang up-to-date and providing a stylish solution to laundry – especially now that neither Tot can pull my washing off the line!

A great item whether you need a fold away wall mounted version or can have the full size line, deceptively efficient and safe to use.”

Thanks to guest blogger super mum and domestic goddess @20somethingmum Claire Curran. The 20 Something Mum isWinner of  Gurgle’s Best Blog Writer Award and Editor and chief reviewer at The Family Panel site.  Follow her on Twitter here.

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