Guest Blog: “I get my inspiration from commercials, music videos, movies, graffiti and visual art”

Our guest blogger this week is the 2010 winner of our Iron in Style Competition dutchman Joran van der Haar. Here he shares his views on winning the competition, what inspires him as an artist and news of his latest exhibition in Amsterdam. [Check out his winning design – Love Ghent >>> here ]

art work winner “I never imagined I would win Brabantia’s Iron in Style competition – with the end result of my ironing table cover design going into production and available throughout Europe! In 2002 I graduated from the Utrecht School of Art. After graduating I worked on several assignments from creating drawings for  the singer Spinvis radio play  to creating designs for fashion designer Hans Ubbink. It seemed a challenge to create an exciting design for an ironing board cover, normally I find ironing table covers a little boring, so my intention was to design a look that would appeal to a younger audience.

I get my inspiration from everything around me I see, from commercials, music videos and movies to graffiti and visual art. During the holidays I collect all sorts of images and process them in my artwork.Berlin design

My winning Brabantia design inspiration was the result of a weekend away with my girlfriend to the town of Ghent. In the design you see the dragon at the Ghent belfry, medieval drawings from the crypt of St Bavo Cathedral, the graffiti in the Werregarenstraat the devil and the Duvel beers that I drank at Galgenhuisje.

My images are created from drawings in both pen and ink. This expresses a fondness for black jagged lines, splashes and droplets. Then I scan the drawings and give this colour using a graphics tablet. The way I use linking images makes my artwork strikingly different. art work

One year on from winning Iron in Style, I have been designing new art (Giclee prints of 2 meters x 1 meter on dibond in liquid gloss) which I will be exhibiting at Amsterdam Liaison on 2nd April 2011. At this exhibition I will be showcasing works inspired by city breaks to Berlin, Brussels and Ghent. On is a list of my works of art that show a kind of playful mix of Pop, Surrealism and Low Brow.”

Joran van der Haar –


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