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How to select the right replacement Brabantia ironing board covers

Brabantia Ironing Board Covers
You may be looking to replace a damaged or worn ironing board cover. Perhaps you want a fresh new looking designer ironing board cover? To do this on the cover of each replacement Brabantia ironing board there is a tag on the top (at the wide end) with a colour-coded circle with a letter in the centre. Simply look for the same colour-coded circle with the same letter on the front of the replacement Brabantia ironing cover packaging.

To make choosing the right size cover nice and easy, all of Brabantia’s ironing boards and covers have a letter code from A to E. Pick a cover with the same letter code as your board and the two will fit together perfectly!

Brabantia’s ironing board covers not only come in different shapes and sizes, but also different styles depending upon your ironing needs and the ironing board cover sizes are categorised in their many wonderful and funky designs.

Click on the size icons below to view the full range of Brabantia ironing board covers:


Brabantia Ironing Board Cover Size A


Brabantia Ironing Board Cover Size B


Brabantia Ironing Board Cover Size C


Brabantia Ironing Board Cover Size D

Extra Large

Pink Santini Ironing Board

If you’re looking to freshen up your old board with a striking new look, Brabantia has a wide range of exciting cover designs. Looking for a cool, fresh finish? How about this Ice Water design? Or perhaps something vibrant? Look no further than this bright Pink Santini cover.

If you like your designs more abstract, bold geometric prints are at the heart of Brabantia’s new Warm Mathematical ironing board covers or have a look at the silver metallic covers with a sleek finish that help to speed up your ironing thanks to the heat-reflecting metallised cotton.

The clever people at Brabantia have even worked in partnership with Phillips to create an ironing board cover designed to increase the speed of ironing with steam generators and steam irons. Thanks to its ingenious 3D textile technology, the Brabantia PerfectFlow ironing board cover helps enhance steam flow while avoiding water pooling on or near the board and is excellent for use with steam generator irons.

Stylish, practical and hard-wearing: whatever your ironing needs, Brabantia has certainly got it covered!

Don’t forget you can buy a standard cover replacement Brabantia ironing board covers here too:

replacement ironing board cover

Look for the same colour-coded label and letter that matches the label on your ironing board

Please note that if you are looking to replace the thick padding underneath the cover material, called the ‘Universal viscose layer’, this is also available here.

If you are looking for a bargain then why not check out our Brabantia ironing board sale, here!

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