The Brabantia Trash Can – your new best friend!

Brabantia trash canDo you seem to be forever taking out the trash? Make the daily chore a pleasure with our super-handy 15.9 Gal Large Kitchen Trash Can! Designed for everyday busy kitchens, the Brabantia Trash Can is a beast in size and has enough room to store a large families trash for days before needing to be emptied. With its ‘soft-touch’ closure you can be sure that the trash can will be smooth-running with the absence of noisy crashing sounds, whilst containing any unpleasant odours – so you don’t need to worry about a trash build-up affecting the scent of your home. 

The large capacity means you can generate plenty of kitchen waste without the worry of spillage when scraping in leftovers. And it’s strong too – built to last in quality materials with a hard wearing finish, so you can be sure that your trash can will last for as long as you need it. Not only is it beautifully practical, but this trash can is easy on the eye too, with a Fingerprint Proof finish to ensure a sophisticated, smudge-free quality is maintained to keep your kitchen space looking tip-top. The shiny Matt Steel finish stays looking gorgeous, meaning you’ll love that it’s such a big feature in your kitchen!

It even looks great with our tie-tape rubbish bags (Size H), which provide the perfect fit for the trash can and avoids any unsightly overwrap. And when you need to empty the trash, the carrying handle makes the job trouble-free. What’s not to love?

You can purchase your large Brabantia Trash Can in the USA here or for purchases in the UK, visit here.

Brabantia Trash Can

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