Carbon Free Clothes Drying from Brabantia

Environmentalists, politicians and power companies around the globe are striving to find carbon neutral ways of generating electricity, and spending millions of dollars trying to make solar, wind and wave power viable.

In the meantime, fossil fuel or nuclear power generation is still being used to create the electricity needed to run your tumble drier.  But there is already an alternative: wind and solar powered clothes drying!

This simple and highly effective method of drying clothes has been around for years – long before electricity was invented! – and of course, clothes dried outside in the sunshine smell fresher, too.

Brabantia has been developing products to harness the earth’s natural resources for many years, and today offers a wide range of solutions.

From Rotary and WallFix driers for the garden through to drying frames and racks, Brabantia is doing its bit to help you be green and save you money!

See the range here.

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