Vintage Brabantia Style!

We’ve had some interesting posts on our Facebook page recently.  It seems there are plenty of Brabantia products which have been around for a long time!  We’ve been designing and making solid goods since 1919, so it’s interesting to see how they’ve changed and lasted over the years.

Check out these vintage Brabantia products uploaded by fans:

toilet roll holderAny idea what this is?  Wim de Meirsman was stumped until Bart van Elderen showed us the one below.  It’s a toilet roll holder with a mirror 🙂

Bart dated this pre-1970s  due to the house logo, which was before our current ‘solid’ one.

toilet roll holder

This is Bart’s – a toilet-roll holder with integrated air-freshener.

sugar canister

This looks a little more familiar. Dated circa ’65-’70, this canister is still ‘holding out’ as Miranda Van Boven’s sugar holder.

We thought Wim might need an update – so, as our first fan to upload pics on Facebook, we’ve sent one of our newly launched bathroom sets in sleek matt steel comprising toilet roll holder, frosted shelf, toothbrush and cup holder and soap dish. See the full set on Flickr.

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