The Joys Of Air-Dried Laundry with Brabantia WallFix

When I moved at the end of last year, my garden went from large enough for a circus troupe to swing wildcats in formation to, well, the size of a postage stamp.

With me and my flatmate vying for space – her an avid botanist, me a keen cyclist, the garden soon filled with plants, bikes and associated paraphernalia.

My previous garden was ‘ornamental’ and our laundry dried inside. The flat was festooned with drying clothes several days a week. A pet hate. So, after checking out Brabantia’s products and coveting the WallFix (occupational hazard), I made the purchase and got ready to put our new ‘functional’ garden to the test.

The WallFix is perfect for the ‘cosy’ garden. It fixes to the wall and can be extended to accommodate a good heavy load of washing. When you’re done, you just fold it away. Simple.

Brabantia WallFix Dryer

Easily Extended (excuse the inane grin)

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Installation? Not so simple. Even my dad’s technical expertise didn’t help when, in a fit of excitement, we fully extended the WallFix clothes dryer before fixing it to the wall. There were a few other gaffes, which would amuse onlooking neighbours. All it takes is a clear head.  And – a word of advice – the instructions are printed inside the box 😉

Once in-situ, it folds away neatly and even has a handy cover (which doubles up as a silly hat), to protect the sturdy unit from the elements.

Is it sad to get excited about fresh air dried clothes? Sure, if the weather is changeable, you need to keep an eye out for the odd shower. But there’s something vaguely exhilarating about bringing in a fresh load of washing. Maybe the novelty will fade, but judging by it’s taciturn yet graceful sturdiness, the WallFix will be around for a long time!

For further info and stockist details – visit the Brabantia website.

Where's my WallFix?

Where’s My Washing Line? (hint: to the far left of the photo)


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