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Design Insights Guest Blog: “…I like eclectic trends and update my house every season.”

Louise 30s Magazine Today we’ve had an exclusive interview with Louise from 30s Magazine for  ’Brabantialife’s Design Insights’  – a regular feature interviewing top designers, style experts, creatives and interior design god and goddesses.  30s Magazine is a daily online lifestyle magazine for the thirty-something female, sharing delicious recipes, great shops, fashion and beauty tips, travel destinations, gadgets and cool apps too.

Let’s hear some Design Insights from Louise:

1.0 What or who inspired you to have such a keen interest in interior design?

Already as a small child I was always busy with my room, styling and redecorating it. I had a very small room, and still wanted to make it my own. With the few options I had, I succeeded every time to make it look different and my parents gave me carte blanche in trying new things. E.g. there was no room for a desk, so with my father, we had devised a collapsible desk. While my friends used their savings for a new pair of jeans, I used it for a new quilt. Through various accessories and textiles I changed my room every season. And I still do.

2.0 What trends do you most enjoy working with?

I like eclectic trends and integrating personal memorabilia of my travels. My house is a visual diary filled with precious objects and souvenirs. Not the coloured tacky souvenirs but cultural artifacts and artisan objects. In every accessory there is a story or a journey associated. I collect things with an international character and combine different styles to my own unique style. I also prefer things with a soul like a distressed teak table, imperfect Indian dishes and wooden carvings.

3.0 What decorating techniques would you recommend to a homeowner who wants to update a room without spending a fortune? 

The most simple thing you can do is add another colour to your interior. You can with paint, but much easier with textiles. New curtains, upholstering a chair, a new rug, and other pillow covers can completely renew the atmosphere and make an enormous impact. Textiles have unlimited possibilities in material, colour, and texture. Add some new accessories with that and your makeover is complete.

4.0 What is your favourite design magazine? 

I honestly do not favour one in particular. Because I like eclectic trends, and update my house every season, I find several magazines inspiring. I also read international magazines such as the American magazine Coastal Living, the French Marie Claire Maison, and the Dutch Residence and Ariadne at Home. For online inspiration I turn to e-magazines Adore Home, and Rue Magazine.

5.0 How about your favourite website or blog?

I’m a big fan of the blog Stylizimo by Nina Holst. And whenever I’m looking for something specific, Apartment Therapy has the answer.

6.0 Tell us about one of your favourite projects.

I’m busy transforming my home from a coastal style to a more autumn style. This year I have chosen not to go with the orange ornaments, but instead with neutral tones, white, and small vintage details.

table decor7.0 What’s your favourite colour combination for the home?

I like neutral tones like off-white, grey, sand, white, and brown hues. Off-white is the perfect basis and according to the seasons I change the colour combination in proportion and intensity and I add accent colours. In the fall I use e.g. more brown hues. In winter I use more white and I add metallic accessories. In the summer I use more sand and grey for a coastal feeling and I add blue. I like to move seasonal colours you see outside, inside the home.

8.0 What’s something you should never skimp on when decorating your home? 

A large and robust dining table. This probably has to do with my background. I have a Surinamese background , and in the Surinamese culture eating together is very important. Unexpected visitors should always be able to join for dinner. The dinner table is a central point in the house where stories are shared and where you can have nice meals with friends and family.

9.0 Are there any insider interior design top tips we should know about for 2013?

There are three book launches this fall I’m very excited about. All three authors are inspiring to me, and I use their books as a reference and inspirational source when decorating or styling a photo shoot, so I have high expectations.

Holly Becker – Decorate Workshop in November

Sibella Court – Bowerbird in October

Nate Berkus – The things that matter in October

10.0 And lastly…(cheeky I know!) what’s your favourite Brabantia product and why? 

I know, I’m not original, but the touch bin is my favourite. I would love to have my own design in my kitchen blending in with the rest. It’s functional, and aesthetic, and that’s in my opinion the definition of design.

For more ideas, why not check take a look at Louise’s website or follow her on Twitter for lots of design and interiors insights.

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