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Writer and Style expert Ashling McCloyWe are extremely excited to welcome writer and style expert Ashling McCloy to ‘Brabantialife’s Design Insights’  – a bimonthly interview with top designers, style experts, creatives and interior design god and goddesses.

Ashling contributes to numerous publications including Red magazine, Stella and Heat and has interviewed everyone from Alice Temperley to Cheryl Cole. Commenting on lifestyle issues and celebrity fashion, she has worked on shows with MTV, Daybreak and GMTV. Prior to launching a freelance career she was Fashion Director at Reveal magazine.

1.0 What or who inspired you to have a career in fashion/magazines?

From an early age I devoured magazines and religiously tuned into The Clothes Show, plus my parents worked in fashion… my career was set in stone.

I longed to write for the glossies and, while at uni, I discovered Sarah Bailey. She was at Elle magazine, soon to be editor. I fell completely in love with her writing, her interviews and knew from that moment, where I wanted my life to go… straight into the world of fashion and publishing.


2.0 What trends did you most enjoy working with in 2011?

You will mostly find me working a bit of animal print – no matter what the season. However, after a bit of experimenting, I completely fell for the midi-skirt. Feminine and yet super cool.


3.0 What techniques/ideas would you recommend to our domestic goddesses who are thinking about updating their look without spending a fortune?

Accessorise. Accessorise. Accessorise. Stick to simple pieces and update with fabulous jewellery, scarves, heels whatever…


4.0 What is your favourite design/fashion magazine?

Red is a stunning mix of life’s luxuries, must-haves and the day-to-day. Elle is pure fashion indulgence and Living etc… is affordable, on-trend style. Love them!


5.0 How about your favourite website or blog?

I have many! Working from home, they are my instant daily hit of style, news and gossip. Here are a few:



6.0 Tell us about one of your favourite projects:

Since going freelance I try to focus on the jobs I know I’ll enjoy or get pleasure from.

I wrote a piece for Red magazine on fashion hand-me downs… it was such a beautiful feature to do. I interviewed stylish woman who now wear something that was once their mother’s or even grandmother’s. I also wrote about my own fashion hand-me down – my mother’s Ossie Clark dress. To me, it just proved that fashion is so much more than frivolous fun. It tells a story.


7.0 What’s your favourite colour combination and why?

In my home I have blasts of vintage green and bright pink – it’s fun and fresh. For clothes, I love black and white. Classic and simple.


8.0 What’s something you should never skimp on when planning a new look?

The classics. Good jeans, crisp tees, tailored trousers. If the foundations are strong the look will work.


9.0 How would you describe the style of your home?

It’s a little quirky and definitely eclectic. I love trawling antique stores, ebay and independent boutiques. Admittedly there’s also a happy yet slightly unwelcome wash of lurid plastic thanks to the kids’ toys!


10.0 What’s your favourite room in your home and why?

My kitchen. It’s where we, as a family, hang out, eat and generally make a mess.


11.0 Are there any trends or top tips we should know about when planning our home makeovers or new looks for 2012?

Fashion and interiors often run parallel and this season is no different. One of the major trends sees an edgy pairing of neons and pastels. 2012 is also big on the industrial look. I am dying to get my hands on an over-sized metal spot light… think old Hollywood film sets.



12.0 And lastly…(cheeky I know!) what’s your favourite Brabantia product and why?

My touch bin… it’s sleek, modern and a stylish necessity.


Thanks to Guest Blogger Ashling for sharing her expertise and insights.  Find out more about her thoughts and views on Twitter.

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